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About the Hosts

L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad – India

Established in 1987, L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI), a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Prevention of Blindness, is a comprehensive eye health facility. The Institute has ten active arms to its areas of operations: Clinical Services, Education, Research, Vision Rehabilitation, Rural and Community Eye Health, Eye Banking, Advocacy and Policy Planning, Capacity Building, Innovation and Product Development. LVPEI is managed by two not-for-profit entities - Hyderabad Eye Institute (HEI) and Hyderabad Eye Research Foundation (HERF). The name of the institute has a unique story. The beginning, before the brick and mortar of the Institute, the renowned Indian film-maker Sri Akkineni Lakshmi Vara Prasad Rao, popularly known as L V Prasad, decided to invest a part of the profits of his blockbuster film "Ek Duje Ke Liye" for a worthy cause. He donated rupees one crore and five acres of land for establishing the state-of-the-art Eye Institute. In recognition of this gesture, the Board of the Institute decided to name the Institute after him. Over the years, his family has continued to support the Institute's work. His son, Mr Ramesh Prasad, Managing Director of Prasad Film Laboratories, is a founder trustee of LVPEI and is the longest serving member of the Hyderabad Eye Institute's governing board, along with Dr Gullapalli N Rao, Founder – Chair, L V Prasad Eye Institute.

The 34th International Pupil Colloquium in Hyderabad, India is proudly brought to you by:

India Vision Institute (IVI)

India Vision Institute (IVI) is an Indian not-for-profit registered NGO with a focus on providing the underprivileged access to vision screenings and a pair of glasses to those in need of one. IVI’s mission is to augment India’s Primary Eye Care Capacity through vision screening, outreach and advocacy, awareness generation, capacity building, and leadership development.
IVI’s vision screening programs have helped make a difference to over 9,75,000 lives across some 22 states of India. Beneficiaries have included women, the transgender and weaving communities, school-going children, stone cutters/sculptors, fishermen, among others. Free spectacles have been distributed to over 3,53,000 people in need of a pair. 
Educational and Professional Development Programs
Optometrists are in the frontline of vision care services delivery. To the Optometry sector, upgrade optometrists' skills and build capacity, and equip them to cope with challenges in their careers, IVI has, to date, conducted

  • 400+ capacity building workshops and Seminars

  • 70+ research grants and scholarships

  • 10 International Conferences

These programs have been benefitting around 10,000+ optometry professionals, including practitioners, educators and students. Eight Young Leaders Programs (YLP) have helped develop soft skills for up-and-coming optometrists, making them future-ready in the profession.
IVI will continue to implement programs to promote Optometry education in India, make students work-ready professionals by the time they complete graduation, assist eye health professionals to upskill themselves for a successful career and work actively towards the betterment of Optometry research in the country. Our collaboration with over 45 institutes for programs has covered 20 states and three union territories.

Save the date - 34th IPC v3-02_edited.jpg
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