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About IVI

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Founded in 2012, we are an Indian not-for-profit registered NGO working to provide the underprivileged access to vision screenings and a pair of glasses to those in need of a pair.


Augment the Primary Eye Care Capacity of India.


Our vision screening programs have helped transform over 9,00,000 lives across 22 states of India. Beneficiaries have included women, the transgender and weaving communities, school-going children, stone cutters/sculptors, and fisher folk among others.

Eye See & I Learn vision screens underprivileged school children to help them see better, study well, enjoy a better quality of life and have the freedom to follow their dreams.

Eye See & I Work focuses on underserved adults who lack access to primary eye care, and ensure beneficiaries receive a pair of eyeglasses and a consultation at the camp - allowing them to see clearly, perform daily tasks and increase their independence and productivity.


Our Education Program includes 300 capacity building workshops, 120 seminars, 75 research and travel grants, and scholarships benefitting around 7,000 optometry professionals, including practitioners, educators and students. Seven Young Leaders Programs (YLP) have helped develop soft skills for up-and-coming optometrists, making them future-ready in the profession.

We have conducted 50 or more awareness campaigns and programs and seven international conferences, contributing to spread the message of eye health and vision care

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